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HELPline 256-716-1000

A crisis can occur in anyone's life.  Little problems become big problems. Old and new hurts and losses take a toll. HELPline offers a trained worker and caring crisis counselor who can provide a listening ear and help you see options for change possibilities. A problem is always worse if you're facing it alone. Call us if you or someone you know is:

  • experiencing loneliness and depression

  • in a violent or abusive relationship

  • experiencing trauma related to sexual assault

  • facing a life change and needs to talk

  • having thoughts of discouragement and wanting to give up on life

  • having thoughts of suicide

  • looking for a support group

Crisis Text 256-722-8219

Stressed Out? We're here to help. Text 256-722-8219

Open everyday from 4pm - 11:30pm.